Who has Rihanna’s Money? #BBHMM

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by Jun 16, 2015

It seems that RiRi never cease to amaze us with her constant transformations and jumps from one style to another. With her latest single however – “Bitch Better Have My Money” she seem to piss off a little bit more people than usually.

Bitch Better Have My Money

Bitch Better Have My Money – QuickMeme

While there are many contradictions about the truth meaning of the song, one thing is for sure – Rihanna requires some payback. There’s no official confirmation nor a single hint if this payback concerns her ex Chris Brown,; if it’s some sort of showing off in front of the fans who obviously don’t have a brand new foreign car  or we can trust the speculations that BBHMM treats some extremely serious political topics – slavery and reparations.

Many things in the lyrics make us believe that the combination of repetitions and trap style could be an appeal for some justice; for some payback that many who were discriminated desperately yarn for. The persistent sound of shots, shots, shots and brrap, brrap, brrap are just an amplifying echo from old political, moral and ethical wounds.

At the same time, if you try not to dig so deep for some hidden sense, the lyrics and rhythm could just sound like another moving hit in the clubs. Many fans seemed to be even offended by the notorious swaggering of Rihanna and took the lyrics by heart – Kamikaze if you think that you gon’ knock me off the top.

Even with so many contradictions, fans who adore her and critics who want to smash her, one thing is sure for Rihanna – someone owes her something and he better give it to her quick ‘cause Y’all should know her well enough, this girl is electrifying!

Here is an interesting tweet about “Bitch Better Have My Money”


If you think know who has RiRi’s money, please tell us in the comment section below.

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