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All Alone

Oct 6, 2017

All Alone Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Verse 2
He didn't believe in presidents, all he care for is dividens
Ain't no tellin' what felons will ever do for Benjamins
Guns the size of my leg, pull up tear off your ligaments
Stay with four girls at a time, modern polygamist
Got a sickness, penicillin isn't equipped for this
And my pen is filled up with syphilis
You'll never get this sick
I'm so meticulous, the flow rediculous
My sole ambition is, my road is infinite, hold up
Verse 3
Had it bad for real, I'm back from Hell
Mackin' in my black Chevelle, and I don't need a strap for real
That's why they mad as hell, and pussy too
That's why I'm packin' Vagisil, it's just for you
And you ain't even half as real as half the shit they put me through, it's cool
I cracked the seal, it's Activis a bag of pills
A batch'll have you crashing, Jesus grab the wheel hold it still
I start the engine, lost my motor skills
Candy coated rain in my cup, should hit my soul for real
I think I'm rollin' still, I rolled a kill and I forgot how sober feel
I know your writer fam, he shoulda wrote your will
I'm under pressure uh, that's why it's overkill
You know the deal, uh uh
You know the deal
Verse 4
Four in the morning, and you're still calling
No matter how far I try to go, I keep on falling
Now it's five in the morning, and I'm still calling
No matter how far I try to go, I feel so lost yeah on this road
Verse 5
I'm all alone
I'm all alone
I'm all alone
I'm all alone
I'm all alone
I'm all alone
I'm on my own
On my own
Verse 6

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