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Make a Toast
by Belly

Oct 6, 2017

Make a Toast Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Verse 2
Five in the morning
80 cash meet the plug with the .40 on me
I turn the paper into birds, call it origami
Fuck a wave, I'm the whole tsunami
Armani on my body like I know the Gottis
Eight o'clock in the evening I ain't even ate
Two liter, fuck a fo' po' a even eight
Tryna keep the faith sleepin' late, but I always deviate
From the love, Players Club no Lisa Rae
Too up to need a loan so I sleep alone
Estates for all my dogs, to each his own
The type of shit I'm on, think I need cologne
To every city I roam, they screamin' Caesar's home
I signed a deal off of Heartbreak
I was stuck between a ROC and a hard place
Now I'm at the Barclays, drinkin' all of Hov's Chardonnay
Writin' bars, in my Desperado guitar case
Verse 3
Let's make a toast
Yeah, yeah
Let's make a toast
Verse 4
Don't matter what you poppin' baby just pop somethin'
Verse 5
Hell is hot and only heaven knows
I never sweat you I'm forever cold
If you ain't gettin' paper hope you taking notes
Fuck bread, made a loaf now let's make a toast
Ok, it really means nothing if you make it close
I'm in my own lane that's my favorite road
I had to bend the rules just to break the code
I dug myself up out this hole that's what made me whole
Rollin' Woods down in Hollywood where they pay for shows
Pay and go for these label clothes and these major roles
Whoa, if I don't who gon' break the mold
No, I swear the paper never made me fold
I disappear in a breathe of smoke
Your whole career need a stethoscope
That new album need a life support
Bitch, you wanna battle couldn't fight the war
Been a week I been coming down
Maybachs just to run around
They mad I'm styling when I come around
Shout out to Pun I'm tryna live, I lost a hundred pounds!
Verse 6
Let's make a toast
I mean we can a toast to that, yeah
Let's make a toast
Rest in Peace Big Pun, Big L, B.I.G
Verse 7
Gettin' caught up with religious bans
I guess I'll never see my distant fam, or my foreign bitch again
In the kitchen hurt my wrist again
Watch my pops become a different man
I turned a snowflake to a avalanche
I went a made a milli from a milligram
Hand to hand Ashley Grahams out the Caravan
No more sharing rooms at the Sheraton
Game filthy, tried to kill me for a kilogram
Wave healthy, couldn't stop it if you build a dam
Mattress on the floor I was staring at the ceiling fan
Almost died for this shit, and I'm still a fan
The flow cardiac arrest why kill 'em?
I can give 'em heart attacks for less
Oh yeah, please pardon my success
Y'all ain't even sick, you hypochondriacs at best
Insomniacs is prolly for Molly that I ingest
Outta breathe, like I got a Pontiac on my chest
Cognac on my breathe, falling back to Prometh
No wonder why you even call back or just text
I get the message though, run game so professional
Unfazed on your pedestal
One day, never came, someday I'ma let it go
Another day another decimal
Day ones never tell son, there is no confessional
Unchanged in my messy clothes
I'm forever cold, hell is hot and only heaven knows
Fuck bread, made a loaf now let's make a toast
Verse 8
Yeah, all of this shit is so exaggerated
I mean her ass fat, but it's saturated
And now my 3rd eye has been activated
This shit ain't really rap related
They couldn't understand so I spoke it clearer
Gettin' high to reflect, this shit is smokin' mirrors
Wait, just being honest with myself
I'm still doing this shit 'cause I made a promise to myself
That's real

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