9th Wonder (Blackitolism) cover
9th Wonder (Blackitolism) cover

9th Wonder (Blackitolism) Lyrics Meanings
by Digable Planets


9th Wonder (Blackitolism) Lyrics

Jazzy Joyce)
ah yea
whole world
whose slick

(Butterfly & Doodlebug)
we lounge stay fat notice our g limp
a natural flair with our fresh ass hair
style baggy out clout slick
creamy and fresh east coast to west

(Jazzy Joyce)
to the universal fair
old school mc's

i'm slicker this year
i'm slicker this year
myrtle ave, a train, got the pick in my hair
and what sixteen joints later still lounge
fresh, from flatbush in my baggy booster guess
style is tight ees bust the cammie fatigues
50,000 leagues of black
so what's up
can we avenue slide player style ghetto walk
to the east and wild crooklyn, new york
creamy kick, yo smith and wesson when i'm blessing
the angular slang blow spots, bang, eleven
hangin like bats cause the twelve inch wax
say scorpio
and my hair say fro
and my blood say bro
my clique say ey, yo
make sparks from the barrelment tall pistol
to the depths i dive seems lunar like aqua
the cool blast mega we black we wild flowers
scott la rock had em all, i gots the the ball
and roll with little panthers through these project halls
the three color flag can't hold my baggy sag
7 to omega
black motion is ocean style
slick in my ways since days of the classic
now glamour boys want to be triple fatted
but i'm slicker this year
i'm slicker this year, yea

(Butterfly & Doodlebug)
east born beats can noise on
lovely all over the city
and your tape deck blasting
7 r's and the phat fly sneakers
and the camouflage

(Jazzy Joyce)
to the hip hop nation
to the mixtape crew
to the west coast
to the boogie down bronx

i was raised in the ways of the manchu clan
and five elements posture take a b-boy stand
with the gold front shinin, baggy pants saggin
this brooklyn stylin got the fly girls smilin
but i'm climbin, findin new ways of rhymin
not livin like a star it's strickly about survivin
divin, deep into the groove of the ghetto
this downtown flavor shines from many angles
yes the notorious, with rhymes so glorious
the manchu monkey over flunkeys is victorious
rappers be boring us, with rhymes of conventional
days and amazed when they hear the three demensional
lyrical skills of the insect in motion
coasting down fulton with a bag of magic potion
now i'm rolling with the seven and a crescents
puffin some expression
manifestin today's lessons
stressin the fact that i'm solar
guarenteed to go far
cause the mind is interstellar
still peace like that, so have no fear
but i'm slicker this year
i'm slicker this year

(Jazzy Joyce)
to the queens everywhere
to the whole s i
to the lumpen mass
don't forget about your peeps when ya

now you see that i am sixty eight inches above sea level
ninety three million miles above these devils
play me in the winter
play me in the summer
play me in the autumn
any order
you want ‘em i got ‘em drippin like water
catch me at a hot spot with the dust daughters
we bouncing, moving within the juice circles
we played you made you change, straight new york juice
we stratify our wealth from my looty in the bank
there's love amongst the ranks
now i'm about to meet my homegirl
cause we be alike
a alike, c alike, let's g alike
jazzy joyce

(Jazzy Joyce)
on the wheels
jazzy joyce

(Jazzy Joyce)
no one's smoother

jazzy joyce

(Jazzy Joyce)
phatter than a ‘94 land cruiser

where you from

(Jazzy Joyce)
the bronx representin like whatever, fly

cool are you slicker this year

(Jazzy Joyce)
yea, watch

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