My Parties
My Parties

My Parties Lyrics Meanings
by Dire Straits

Jan 1, 1990
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My Parties Lyrics

Well this is my back yard
My back gate
I hate to start my parties late
Here's the party cart
Ain't that great?
That ain't the best part baby
Just wait
That's a genuine weathervane
It moves with the breeze
Portable hammock honey
Who needs trees
It's casual entertaining
We aim to please
At my parties

Check out the shingles
It's brand new
Excuse me while I mingle
Hi, how are you
Hey everybody
Let me give you a toast
This one's for me
The host with the most

It's getting a trifle colder
Step inside my home
That's a brass toilet tissue holder with it's own telephone
That's musical doorbell
It don't ring, I ain't kiddin'
It plays America the beautiful and tie a yellow ribbon

Boy, this punch is a trip
It's okay in my book
Here, take a sip
Maybe little heaven on the fruit
Ah, here comes the dip
You may kiss the cook
Let me show you honey
It's easy, look
You take a fork and spire 'em
Say, did you try these ?
So glad you like 'em
The secret's in the cheese
It's casual entertaining
We aim to please
At my parties

Now don't talk to me about the polar bear
Don't talk to me about ozone layer
Ain't so much of anything these days, even the air
They're running out of rhinos
What do I care?
Let's hear it for the dolphin
Let's hear it for the trees
Ain't runnin' out of nothin' in my deep freeze
It's casual entertaining
We aim to please
At my parties

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My Parties Meanings

Self-involved, vapid, narcissistic; the party host doesnât care what cost his indulgence has on the people around him or the environment because he only cares about his party and his nationalist pride. This is a statement about our society that may serve as a reflection of our values.

I think the host is a narcissist~ sure has the flare of one!


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