Never Seen Before
Never Seen Before

Never Seen Before Lyrics Meanings

Jul 4, 2011
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Never Seen Before Lyrics

[E] Peace to Chuck
[P] Chuck D
[E] Yeah, uhh
You`re not tellin em huh? Yeah

[Erick Sermon]
They go ohh and ahh when I jump in my car
People treat me like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
when I`m supreme rap star, they all know me
E.D., when I flash the greens on TV
MC`s be robbin me, of my technique
The way I speak, the way I get down, the way I sound
And if you axe/ask me, they must be on the jock
of the innovator (one two), rock roll bounce to skater

[Parrish Smith]
OK f*** it, enough with the tight s***, grab the mic quick
Hollywood n****z, put it down spit some hype s***
EPMD Erick and Parrish, Makin Dollars
with the rap scholars keep the show packed like funeral parlors
Deadly, murderous I know you heard of us
Holdin s*** down on the block, nobody servin us (yeah son)
The E Double and Mic Doc, Boondox
Def Jam`s off the meter yo, this s*** is hot

Chorus: EPMD
[P] Never seen before, or heard before
The uncut raw
[E] I`m Erick Sermon
[P] and I`m Parrish Smith
(repeat 2X)

[Erick Sermon]
Check it, now I`m back with the flyest material
Mic Doc and E Dub the Grand Imperial
My mic`s deadly, so I scratched off the serial
and stashed it, until I have to kill at will
Keep it movin, yes it`s me in the flesh
it`s no illusion, f*** around and catch minor contusions
Whatever, I`m Smokin Joe when it comes to rap
I`m a pro-fessional, Tiger Woods I`m good

[Parrish Smith]
Time to black out, no doubt, people want to know about
the inside scoop with the group, and are they comin out
Damn skippy I`m tipsy, high like a hippie
Don`t take drinks from strangers cause n****z slip mickies
That`s why I stay on Q/cue, like Omar Epps in J-you
I-see-E so chill and bust the debut
In rare form the false alarm`s the Mic Don`s
back in effect, snap that neck, the P`s gone

[E] Never say never
[P] What? EPMD`s back together
[E] And if it gets warm take off the hot sweater
[P] Flip the ill slick flow (flow)
[E] Watch us throw (throw)
[P] down with the other brothers toe to toe
[E] And if ya slow ya blow
[P] That`s why we comin with the ammo
[E] Yo ten year veterans
[P] A thousand rap sessions
[E] Yeah the hard rockers
[P] The crowd shockers
[E] The head knockers
[P] Yeah EPMD`s off the rockers

Chorus 2X
[E] Yeah, uh, uh, uh-huh, yeah
[P] Dude wha**up
[E] Yeah that was dope, word up
EPMD for Nine-What, whatever, yeah, uh-huh...
Sample this s***, word up!

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