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by Eto

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Beloved Lyrics

Intro (Voiceover)

Man listen
It's the perfect example of a moment right
When you die you could be honored
Like Nipsey Hustle
Or in your community you could be like ‘69
Now people think I’m comparing the two cause one told
That's not why I’m mad at him
I'm mad at him a long time he knew who he wasn't

Verse 1 (Eto)

(Yeah) Stay True beloved
It happens
And when it does don’t bring up the prior love
Jody got scooped up
They was waiting on me
Feds woke him out his sleep and they gave him coffee
Thats a strong chance these little pussieis cant wear there moms pants
You kill a narc in the can he cant wear the narcan
Damn niggas O.D. tellin’
But I always wanted to be the O.G. felon
Yeah yeah
How can you look at your fam in the crowd
And point them out
Damn it its foul
What's happening now
He Chow
Then grease out
It ain't been this bad
Rip his flag
Shitbags cut to the brow
Pop Pow
Give the drummer some
And if that life ain’t for you then pick another one
(Huh) Shit ain’t for you
See he gonna shit on us all long as there's shit on his shoe


If he gon’ tell he gon’ tell
And I was probably the only one that in he wouldn't
Cause I knew all the things I had did for the guy
That I was hoping that I had did enough
That would make him feel like you know
I need to stand with you
No one told
This was part of the conversation that him and I had

Verse 2 (Eto)

Pigs warned us
Bout the informers
Wrongful convictions
Scarful commitments
Thought that was fam right
A charge that you cant fight
You blow then they blow you
Who told you they loyal
In God we trust
We’ll get anointed
But that won’t work if you get your attorney appointed
How they gonna speak for me
Who gave the jury the voices
Don’t play with me I’m nothing to toy with
(Shut the fuck up)
They calling out every hole in the slum
Don’t let me know when they come
I’ll be back on the lam
won’t be a slap on the hand
It’s still happening damn
Don’t be surprised we the guys
But be advised that if we get penalized we seeing time flat
Hold it down beloved
Don’t make a sound beloved

Writer(s): Alvin Olavarria
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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