Gone On That Bay
Gone On That Bay

Gone On That Bay Lyrics Meanings
by Frayser Boy

Aug 26, 2003
Gone On That Bay Music Video

Gone On That Bay Lyrics

[Paul and J intro]

[Verse 1]
Wrapped in the bay, fuck what you say
Clique tight with, Paul and Juicy J
They paved the way, this where I stay
I will react, stay to your place
Frayser's the name, don't fuck with lames
I'm still the same, don't fear no man
Hyp-no-tiz-ing yo' mind
We don't fuck with your kind
Bay since my birth, fuck with the real
You know the deal, get it how you live
Hand-lin' that, fuck with the gat
Don't cross me, what's up with that
Blown a-way, so don't hate
Fi-nal-ly here, gone on that bay
Tryin to get a meal, fuck how you feel
No fakin in me, I keep it real
Frayser Boulevard, is where I mob
Coming through the bay alone, you robbed
HCP tatted in blood on my arm, act a fool, left arm harmed
All-star cast, and we'll blast
Fuck with us, you won't last
I ha-rass, check my past
Hope you understand, clear like glass
It's time to shine, money on my mind
Still on the grind, will commit to crime
Hypnotize Minds running this shit
Haters on the town, wish they was with
Light your blunts up, listen to some bump
Paul and Juicy beats, damaging your trunk
Holdin it down, for the M-town
Turning haters smiles, into some frowns

[Chorus x4]
Fuck you haters now, what you gon' do?
Bring it to the door, it's on you
Gone on that bay, thought you knew
Hypnotize Minds, oh yeah it's true

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