Sugar, like many other songs by Maroon 5, is about love, desires, and emotions. It begins with Adam Levine (Lead singer) expressing a strong craving for his lover. It is almost like he is in withdrawal and begins to suffer when he isn’t with her. He needs her close and wants her love,  warmth, and comfort during his difficult moments.

Maroon 5 Sugar

Now things get pretty spicy

I want that red velvet
I want that sugar sweet
Don’t let nobody touch it
Unless that somebody’s me
I gotta be a man
There ain’t no other way
‘Cause girl you’re hotter than southern California Bay

The red velvet and sugar sweet? What could he be talking about? I don’t think he is talking about an actual red velvet cake. Kinda on the same lines as that Rihanna “Birthday Cake” song. If you catch my drift 😉

There is a level of exclusivity that he would like to have in the relationship. Or it could just be a male possessive nature. Either way, he feels that she should not be with anyone, except for him.

To make it even sweeter, Maroon 5 made a remix with Nicky Minaj, so you can compare the two versions and decide which taste sounds better.

The inspiration for the music video was the movie “Wedding Crashers” from 2005. Adam circles around L.A. with his band and crashes weddings where they play this song.

If you haven’t seen the video it, here it is