Because I'm Happy
Because I’m Happy!

If there wasn’t that little something that makes us happy when we listen to music, people wouldn’t have stopped booing musicians off the stage until there were none left. However, we, the civilized people we are, have decided to leave tomatoes, chips bags, and everything else that we could throw on stage aside because we love music. Why? Everyone has their own reasons, but science says we like music because it causes our brains to release dopamine, known as the ‘feel-good’ chemical. Music makes us happy!

Here’s what we have for you: a list of top 19 happiest songs that we call ‘feel-good music’.

Now, we’d like you to actively participate in this little music project, so we have a few suggested dance moves you’ll see along the lines. The most important thing is that you’re ready to have fun. If you feel like dancing as well, we’ll be super-thrilled. Ready for some feel-good music?

1) Beyoncé – Single Ladies 

This is a song that boosts women’s confidence. Looking good, dancing your troubles away – sounds good, right? Don’t worry if you can’t dance like Beyoncé; just give it a try as this little fellow did.

2) Paolo Nutini – New Shoes

Sometimes things in life are simple. You get a new pair of shoes, and ‘suddenly everything is right’. Everything Paolo Nutini needed to say ‘buy, buy them blues’ was a new pair of shoes. Try to follow this logic in life more than often 🙂

3) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop feat. Wanz

We’ve chosen this song because a very few people can stay serious when someone says: ‘Dressed in all pink, ‘cept my gator shoes, those are green’. The song will make you happy because it’s a reminder that there are thrift shops where you can find some really great stuff. If someone doesn’t like your thrift shop catch, you can always say: ‘It was 99 cents!’

Dance move? Do the same as the guys in the video – nod your head.

How to dance to Thrift Shop

4) Junkie XL, Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation

What’s any music playlist without the king of rock ‘n’ roll?

5) Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

We promised to suggest a few dance moves, and for this one pumping your fist might be just the move you need.

Cotton Eye Joe Dance Move

6) Stevie Wonder – Part-time Lover

Play the song and look at your feet – are they moving? If not, check your computer to see if there are any technical issues. Maybe your audio jack is not plugged in 🙂

7) Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart

This song will put you in a great mood, and it is a dance song, so if you feel like dancing – the dance floor is yours. If you watch the video while dancing, don’t let a gazillion colors and patterns in the music video distract you. Don’t let the groove escape your heart.

8) Kenny Loggins – Footloose

This is one of those feel-good songs that will never get old. It’s perfect for trying out some dance moves you wouldn’t dare to try in public. All you have to do is ‘kick off your Sunday shoes’, and feel the good chemicals flowing through your body.

9) The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Determination! This song is full of determination, and by the end of the song, you might even march to your neighbor’s door (following the rhythm of the song) and tell them they should stop telling you to turn the music down, as the song is great. Be warned, you’ll probably also think about exercising more, so you can ‘walk 500 miles’, and then 500 more miles.

10) The B-52’s – Love Shack

You don’t have to B(e) 52 to feel happy while listening to ‘Love Shack’. Great music knows no age. And there are no bad dance moves 🙂

11) Counting Crows – Accidentally in Love

Even ogres love this song (Soundtrack from Shrek 2). What else can we say?

12) Santana – Into The Night ft. Chad Kroeger

If the sound of a guitar makes you happy, this is definitely the song for you.

13) The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love

We won’t deny that the music video is as weird as it gets, but the song will actually put you in a great mood.

We promised dance moves, and for this song, we suggest a very dynamic routine. It’s basically one move, but it can get you through the entire song.

14) Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

This is one of the most relaxing songs, and you don’t even have to dance to it. Just lay back in your favorite chair and feel good, James Brown style, and enjoy the good vibe this song brings.

p.s. other places where you can listen to this song in complete comfort include the floor, bed, hammock, bathtub, deserted island, elevator without security cameras, etc.

15) OutKast – Hey Ya!

We were in doubt whether to list this song as one of the happiest songs, as the lyrics are actually not that happy. It’s not that easy to spot sad lyrics with all the Hey Ya’s. However, we know that the rhythm of the song will move you, so we’ve decided to give it a place on our list after all.

16) Andy Grammer – Honey, I’m Good

We couldn’t leave out this song. Take your boots out of your closet, and let the music lead the way!

17) LunchMoney Lewis – Bills

Who says ‘paying bills and working, working every day’ can’t sound so fun?

18) Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum

Staying indifferent to jungle drums is very difficult- that’s all we’ll say.

19) Pharrell Williams – Happy

Last but definitely not least is “Happy”. This song is dedicated to just being happy and showing it off.

That was our list of Top 19 happiest songs that will cheer you up. If you have your happy song, we’d like to hear which song that is. By sharing a song that makes you happy you can help us expand our list, and make an even better list of happiest songs.