So Many So's
So Many So's

So Many So's Lyrics Meanings
by Kid Breeze, Bree Specific

So Many So's Lyrics

So much Atl dicklickin
So many niggas think dey gettin dem bitches but dey big trickin
So many niggas out here tryna rap
So many niggas out here tryna trap
Police killin us we ain't fightin back

So many mothers out here movin solo
Where fathers at you neva know doe
Bet dey chasin hoes doe

So many gangsters wonder should he die
So many niggas out here sellin 8ths for 25

So many busters fuckin up da game
But dat ain't new could neva trust the game
Drug infested it's only us to blame

So many niggas gettin doors kicked
Dis da shit you ride up lake shore wit
Neva bumpin no horse shit

More clicks is all dey want all up dey IG
Not me but I'm talented thinkin why me?

I'm diffferent, so many niggas really not wit it
So much time I can stop trippin

Clock tickin make me think that the time is runnin out
Cops trippin, dude in da city for clout
Holy gates willin, so many niggas out here straight stealin
It's hella minds out here straight twisted

So much runnin thru my mind really
I wrecked my sister infinity
I need to smoke me like 9 phillys

So many bitches say I'm too busy
But it's funny cuz the truth really?
I'm just tryna run me up 2 billi

Phone crazy while I'm steady sayin I'm
Bussin moves
Lick hittin can't take these hunnids to my fuckin tomb

So many people wanna snatch the rug from under you
Like how da system snatching freedom from my brothas too

So crazy
It got the future lookin so hazy
And ima hustle till he say it's time to go baby

So Ima keep on Sellin tickets to dese shows baby
Nobody know we keep it so onna low baby

Writer(s): Jared Pugh
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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