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Breeze Off


Breeze Off Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
So wha yuh really a deal wid
Uno tek woman fi fool
Mi no inna di mix up and
Blen blen wid dem
Yuh know wha Lady G afi tell dem
So no badda, so no badda (rept).
Verse 2
So no badda come ya wid yuh gali gali trend
Just ease off breeze off
Yuh no hear sey skettel bomb no dey a road again
Through yuh get me now, yuh waan look mi friend
Just ease, off breeze off
Verse 3
Every likkle female whey yuh see inna mini skirt
Yuh waan fi feel, yuh waan fi touch,yuh waan fi flirt
Bout yuh have a crush
Dem yuhwaan fi brush
And now a mi yuh waan fi sleep wid inna rush
Verse 4
How yuh a move so mucki
Yuh waan wash off wid dettol
Move from ya before yuh whole piece a metal
If mi a git it whey
No badda feel yuh a get nutten
Go home to yuh wife Petal
Verse 5
Verse 6
Claim sey yuh nabel string cut dung a gal street
And how yuh solid like a rock
And yuh a concrete but bwoy yuh no fi dweet
Mi hear sey yuh a freak, and how yuh lick licky
An know yuh no know fi nyam meat
Every night yuh gone a show gone watch go-go
A lick yuh lip and lust off a chow chow
In case yuh never know
Mi a no yo-yo
Verse 7
Verse 8
Claims sey yuh a man
But yuh no man yuh a woman foot stool
So no badda come a mi
Yuh lickle pickney gwaan go mek yuh madda
Send yuh back a pre-school
Verse 9
Verse 10

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