In My City

In My City Lyrics Meanings
by Neonte


In My City Lyrics

It get wicced in my city don't get caught out here lacc'N
Hoes ah set a nigga up and act like they don't kno what happened
Niggas ain't even got a job they sellin dope or they rappin
All these niggas say that with you but these niggas be cappin
But in my city
Niggas dying everyday
In my city
We'll pull up where you stay
In my city
Young niggas slangin k's
In my city
Better be bout what you say

In my city all that talkin just might fucc around and get you killed
Most these snitchin on they homies talkin to 12 tryna get a deal
In my city it get real
Fucc the feds that's how we feel
Diss my gang you gon get killed
We gon shoot like Bradley beal
Say they want smoke tell that nigga come it
All of my niggas got gloccs with extensions
Focus on money ain't worried bout these bitches
Ride thru the city with the top off the Bentley
Ain't never switched up boi I'm still in them trenches
Gotta mask up when I go on a mission
All of this ice boi my diamonds be drippin
Blue flag on the left yea they kno that I'm crippin
I came from the bottom thank God that I'm up
Not from Milwaukee but I need them Bucs
Say he want smoke tell that nigga pull up
This choppa start singing you boys better ducc
I run to that money just like forest gump
I want me a mill but that still ain't enough
You play with my money I swear you'll get slumped
Ain't talking criss cross but ya ass will get jumped
To be in this city gotta keep you a pole
These Niggas be hatin they might take ya soul
Ion fucc with these niggas I stay with my bros
Cause niggas ain't solid they pussy fasho
Don't question my gang my niggas on go
I'm screaming free lik till my dawg come home
They say we up next but we already on
Change the name of the city to 8094

Writer(s): deionte strozier
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

In My City Meanings

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