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by Nvder


Lyfe Lyrics

When the sun goes down please don't run away
When the sun goes down you will find your place
When the sun goes down you will learn your faith

I'm a keep it real with you G
I know I just passed 19 I'm feeling amazing
And, honestly I don't really know anything yet
I'm starting to feel like you have been failing me
But is this apart of your plan
Tell me whats in store
I used to be a big fan
What I struggle for
I hope it's not a big scam
Now I'm not too sure
I thought you were the big man yeah
But I don't really even know if you fuckin real
I look around and see a lot of people kneel
But those same people have their sons shot and killed
And there's a lot of others wondering whens the next meal
I thought you only stood for peace and love
Not pain and blood
Hurricanes and floods
I've been here ever since day one
I guess I'll never really know until that day comes

I'm just gonna keep it super real with you
I know the world has some problems and some big issues
But here's a tissue go ahead and wipe them tears away
A lot of people have been lead astray
Now will you lead the way
I gave the gift of music to you so you have the voice
If you want to believe what people say you have the choice
There's hatred in your heart
Resentment in your eyes
I know your mad but listen good and close to my reply
I gave em free will
So I can see who's real
Decipher those who worship me and those who worships bills
These real eyes, realize, real lies
Don't you try and play me you wasn't here the whole time
But look
I get angry too
Because you failed me dood's
I know that you ain't perfect but I still believe in you
Promise me you'll do better
You wasn't born a sinner
I test your faith to see if it will crack while under pressure

I never lost my faith
I was blinded by hate
I think I finally realized why our path is not straight
This wouldn't be life if it was all just a piece of cake
He's trying to figure out which one of us will bend and not break
And i'm sorry for my bad intentions
Sorry that I'm always begging
I've been feeling like a fraud
But you go and keep on blessing
I've been trying real hard to succeed you
I hope I'm doing enough I really need you
I really feel like my life's falling apart
But I forget the life you gave me was the best from the start
Born to a loving home, just got a new phone, I got brothers by my side that won't let me feel alone
So look
Don't you stress over things that you can't control
Enjoy you're time and you'll finally see when you're old
That everything's for a reason it'll unfold
This the story of my faith can you relate stories untold

Writer(s): Nader Masoud
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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