Yours Truly cover
Yours Truly cover

Yours Truly Lyrics Meanings
by Oboise, Zweii

Yours Truly Lyrics

The future legend, greatness seeker and I've just begun
The triple threat and verbal dealer. Let the king be crowned
Heavenly flow, I use to pull you down on earthly ground
I'm right behind. To see the master, better turn around
The masterpiece leaves you in pieces with his master speeches
You all are pupils. Take some notes for when the master teaches
Was getting hot. I think I had to do some flame releasing
Envision time of the release. I hear the people screaming
My lyrics sound like riddle questions. Hope you find the meaning
You Justin Bieber to my sound. I know you love the feeling
From Nasty flows to lava flows. This one a new beginning
It's music to your ears. Ghad I know this one appealing
A block head with different faces. That's a rubik's cube
A lone wolf. Call me D4WN. I never had a group
I had to come and stomp the beat. Was nothing else to do
And tho barely started. Mahn, I got a lot to lose. Yeah

Here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go
Here we go again
Back to the basics. Oh no
Feels like everyday, something new to say
Sweet serenade yeah

Multiple verses of destruction
Is what I forgot to mention
Pay your dues and pay attention
Unless I'm coming out to hurt you
Make your call and make predictions
Donatello intuition
Silent killer with precision
Local killer with a vision
And. Yes I'm talking lyrically
You looking at the prodigy
Not probably but definite. It's not the best of me
Holy rapper with with the holy verse. Steady doing the most
If I started ghostwriting, you'd be looking at a holy ghost
Born to be great and that's a fact the word is never changing
The bullet shots right out my mouth has got you all evading
The release of The Return. That's greatness in the making
On repeat on all the tracks. I hear the people playing
Me and Donatello, ghad look at the things we started
Paving the way and making names. We really going at it
I got the pen. You can't erase. I'm checking off my targets
See that's the power of the tommy, leave your ghost departed
High key a humble rapper
No time for mumble rappers
Low key the new creator
From student to a master
Was born to be a leader
The undetected savior
The lyric terminator
Can't live a life a hater
The snake and fake revealer
Always the truth giver
The one who aims for greater
Do it today. Not later
Somehow below the radar
But still above the radar
I like to try and spice it up. I know you love the flavor
It's yours truly

Writer(s): Oboise
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Yours Truly Meanings

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