Growing Pains
Growing Pains

Omarion - Growing Pains Lyrics

Feb 22, 2005
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Growing Pains Lyrics

I can't live with you, but I can't live without ya
Not breathing with you,it hard to breathe without you
Think to myself everyday
How they slit us apart,for different men that shared the same heart
It had happen this way
Us go our separate way
Would be lying if I said I didn't miss the co-fax days
Sit and think to myself how this thing has changed my life
(Damn we was suppose to be boys for life)

This is my growin' pains
Cause by the fortune and fame
Thought we'd be together forever and ever and ever
Never thought that we'd go our separate ways
Now look how things have change
Looks like there never ever be the same
So hard to explain what went wrong?
After we were together for too long
Now, never be the same again
Tell me how this thing happened
Damn, this is my growin pain

Some people don't know
That I tried it again
Even though I was sour (sour)
I tried to be a man (man)
I couldn't hold the grudge,knowing in my heart I still had love
But if ya'll knew what went down you'd be like like what the fuck
They say you don't know what you got until it's gone
Loyalty, honesty, where did we go wrong?
I guess it was gods grace for me to be alone.


How could this ever be,them no longer apart of me?
What did you do to turn them other boys against me?
I just have one thing to say
What you do comes back your way

So many things we said,so many false statements about me against my manger Chris.
Sometimes I just feel like giving up.
Like I was nothing and like I couldn't go on without them.
But now I feel like god is looking down on me and he should carry my soul.
As I take this solo journey,I never meant for any of this to happen I'm sorry.


Damn, this is my growin' pain


Damn, this is my growin' pain

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