Intro Lyrics Meanings
by Pac Div

Nov 27, 2012
Intro Music Video

Intro Lyrics

Yeah, we on top
Nah, we won't quit
Nah, we don't stop
Na-ah, we don't lose

[Chorus: x4]
She want that GMB
She want that GMB
She want that GM that GM that GMB

GMB, that's TNT
That fire that Brian had when he met me
That's that 2006, that's that 2003
That's that 2050 shit that bitch niggas can't be
That's that Salvatore Ferrigamo, Miami Delano
Next week I'll be out in Toronto
Ain't no shopping at the Del Amo
We don't eat at McDonalds
Nigga we eat like Sopranos
Grew up on that far side
That blue collar, that high road
Man I pulled that broad at Pappadeaux
Don't mind me I'm proper though
Pimp gang keep that popping oh
Mix 'em up like my dominos
Talking paper man that's hoblomos
Bilingual then I audibal
Sit back count my money up
Till my fingers get the charlie horse
My toast pimp said I'm season
Man I call that recipe-ing
Run them broads like secretaries
Can't get no rest for meetings
Hall of game shit made me legendary
I'm freshest for a reason
Winter time, boo no it's february
But these sweats is from next season
See my catalog's never sandal soft
Like of porn we go matador
For crazy bread we go padded walls
Cop a Swisher Sweet and the pack of drawers
And I'm barely dusting my monologue
Shit eighth grade bro nigga Rantoros
Baby tell them hoes who the camo boss
Who the same nigga when the camera's off, huh?

[Chorus: x4]

Yeah, we on top
Nah, we won't quit
Nah, we don't stop
Na-ah, we don't lose

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