Desperate cover
Desperate cover

Desperate Lyrics Meanings
by Sheepwave, Danielle Taggart, Emily Anderson

Desperate Lyrics

From hopeless war to serenity
In a flash, the world had changed
Around me

But underneath the line will shift into insanity
Freedom stripped away until we're empty
A world so dark and cold

It almost seemed like there was no reason to fight at all
So as the light was fading, I made a desperate call

The peace is almost more than I can bare
And no one knows how close we are to warfare
Engulfed in steep decline
And running out of time
I took a breath and dove into rewind

I had my task but I yielded to
The allure of seeking out
My father

Infected with naive ideals and warmth I never knew
Til my drive and purpose start to falter
A world so full of hope

It almost feels like war is a fading memory
But life of quiet peace is one that I can't lead

The peace is almost more than I can bare
And if I fail, the peace will fall to warfare
Engulfed in steep decline
I'm running out of time
I have to leave my friends behind

But suddenly they pull me back
To help me find the one I lost
A place and time I don't belong
But they accepted me without a thought

And all along
My father's been here standing by my side
We're reunited just in time
For me to say goodbye

An accident no one could expect
And it wiped away my one objective
The years went by until my mind began to recollect
All the victims of this chance I wasted

I failed my only mission
I neglected my responsibilities
All for my selfish dream
Now tragedy is what I reap

Redemption doesn't wait for me
I lived in ignorance and peace
We sacrificed to no avail
Awarded with regret, I failed

Forgive me
I failed, I failed, forgive me
I beg of you, erase me
Turn back time and let me leave
Let me go

This line must be replaced
My life was all a waste

I'll change the past and your memories
If it's what will bring you peace and closure
Your sacrifice won't be in vain
I swear I'll never cease
'Til we reach the final line together

Writer(s): Adam Brown, Alex Duff, Bryce Macy, Jason Policarpio
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Desperate Meanings

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