Level Up
Level Up

Level Up Lyrics Meanings
by Skinny P, Shamz

Nov 15, 2020
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Level Up Lyrics

Levelling levelling the Levels are up
I hear all the talk it ain't t telling me much
I learned from the silence
Every day vybing

Hit the highest vibrations
This is more than a statement
You feel all that energy?
More Life and Prosperity

Still show love to my enemies
If I roll up its legendary
Had so much weight on my shoulders
Went and released that

Hard times I did it with ease man
I would float with the trees &
Chill with my Gs &
Then go make love to my Lady

This life is so wavy
And we Level up daily

Yeah I'm leveling up
Smoke big buds I don't settle for dust
Put it in 5th gear then in step off the clutch
What do you think this I'm a rebel in love
Like who do ya trust
And when the time comes who's gunna be there when u run out of luck
I ain't asking for much
But when I do I'll be busting my gut

But straight to the next one
I don't really care about a next don
And there's no fear in here if u acting scared then your shit getting stepped on
And if u moving gear round here ur gunna checked and crept on
Don't get too comfortable in the drivers seat cos u might get slept on

Right now yeah I'm back in the game
And guess what yeah I attack with pain
Since it happened I haven't been the same
Had me being alone in the dark wit a piff and a flame
I was struggling and hustling I didn't have no tenners to my name
Tell me are you feeling the rage
It feels like I'm out of control and I cant be tame

What did you think I was finished?
Man I'm in it to win it
I found pleasure in losing
In love with the Ganja and boozing

Late night cruising
Wake up in the afternoon
Spark my morning zoot
Sip a herbal tea to start my day

Rise & Shine, Level up every day
Late night hit a new level
I don't do this for a new bezel
Cant put a price on time

But I had to slave for mine
Now it's time I tek time
Go in like every time or any time
The time calls for it
I go in cause I'm coming for all of it

Ohhhh I couldn't of said it better my fucking self
Coming for all of it
Top shelf
420 Entertainment
We're coming for ALL of it

Writer(s): Joey Evans, Paul Morris
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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