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by Skyzoo, Pete Rock

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We have a special opportunity this time again
To be with one of the masters of the music
Everybody knows this gentleman, he's been around for so many years
And um, one of the most important personalities of the music
May I ask you something? How do you feel about hearing so much
Um, positive things about what you're doing? So much compliments?
The genius, the master
You mean now they're doin' it, now
It doesn't bother me because, you know
I didn't start off to play music for that reason, you know?
To, uh, you know, like win a contest or something like the best test, now that's that
I just take it, I accept it
I used to didn't pay it any mind, but now I
Since had five books out on me, all of 'em gon' be wrong
Except the ones you're gonna do

(Black people) yo, woo
(Oh) yo, uh
I swear to God it sound like everything is supposed to, yeah
Right now I want everyone know seh
Whole 'eap of top celebrities inna di area, zeen?
Okay, uh
We getting dough (black people)
True indeed (yo, behold)
(A rap legend, yo) true indeed
We getting dough (black people) yeah, uh
(Behold) let's get it started like this, uh, okay

(Black people) glorious
Like when the same one in the coupe was in front the store with us
Or when the same one on the loops who you was applauding when
You was looping record and now you and dude in accordance and
According to the lo and behold
Who would've thought that it's all
Haikus but all the shooters supporting it?
Or it's like knowing the lawyer going to court with us
Get his work from the son of the judge and he be on tour with us
Or it's knowing that if you down to lift up the floor with us
Then you don't gotta spend on this Henny to come and pour with us
The theme to the chorus, as sweet as how you thought it
Following Jeeps that's followed by D's in a Taurus
Shout to my block and all the fiends who be across it
And the new Goldilocks, bitches screaming over porridge
You couldn't take the Brooklyn outta me if you were offered
Burnt these blocks, shit you can keep it if you want it
If tomorrow should get up away from me before the morning
My tomb'll read, "He did it from the P's to the coffin," right?
Untucking what no one could ever fuck with
But knowing that the way it was folded is how it snuck in
Brother Mouzone bowtie, know the way I float mine
You know Sky, know I'm lo-fi meets Sosa
A to Z, I'm faithfully the one that they quote by
Pay to leave, I may indeed pen this in cocoa
Pay to leave, may indeed pen this in cocoa
The way it weaves, you may just need to bring the rope by
Told West that one of us will be multi before we both die
Luxury was intuition close-eyed
I'm still Casper the friendly for who need a loan
Most do, bank account pretty as Rashida Jones
Know that I still be seeing layups when I see a throne
But nothing 'bout me is hypebeast so I be alone
Moved out of the 'Stuy and bought yard space
But still dressed like I'm outside ducking a car chase
Still a black fist in the air quick as a heart rate
Nikes over Yeezys, Kaepernick over Kanye
Say that I'm half Tre Styles, half 8 Mile
Doctors said I couldn't make Miles until I made Miles
Glorious, like Pete on an SP calling this
A '95 dream come true with no doors on it, right?
Yeah, I'm that side of the wave
Off that side of the page if you act outta your place
Keep it glorious, right?

We getting dough (black people), yeah
(Behold, a rap legend) keep it glorious, right?
We getting dough (black people), please do, uh
True indeed (behold), yeah
Welcome to the rebirth of the city, baby
Sk, PR
From the 718 to the 914
So you know what we on
if you should try and get involved yeah
Uh, it's a love letter and a wake up call to the city
All at the same time
Uh, we invite y'all
To, this Retropolitan shit, huh, yeah

Writer(s): Peter Phillips, Gregory Skyler Taylor
Copyright(s): Lyrics © MISSING LINK MUSIC
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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