The Magic Hour
The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour Lyrics Meanings
by Talib Kweli

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The Magic Hour Lyrics

Last one to fall asleep
First one to wake up
All nighters 6:20 in AM
It's magic hour
Doing it 'til the sunrise
I live my life in the sunshine
It was as beautiful as Hawaiian beaches
Usually it's the students to be the truest teachers
So gorgeous, this the magic hour, yeah
Start of a new day, it's a new way
Get with the new way

Uh, back to the future like a delorean
Documenting the struggle I'm huddling with historians
Making a way back to Brooklyn like we the warriors
Told you this man's story bordering on vainglorious
Heading to Cali for an education of Sonny Carson
And the need to police resurrection of Johnnie Cochran
Never accepted the rejection 'cause failure never an option
That's the gospel like Mahalia
I'm a legend, I've been a problem
They still asleep in this Dormez-vous like Frere Jacques
Pardon my french like Remy Martin and Henny bottles
The chances of survival more shallow than winning lotto
The liquor that they swallow got them rattled
Playing Benny Blanco bravado
Look at 'em fronting for these models
La mujeres mulattos and the floor with the wobble wobble
Sipping moscato while selling themselves for follows
This is intense like a Pentecostal revival
I'm in these streets like potholes
Where the guns make Illinois to Chicago
Bap bap bap like staccato
I spit it like I just finished gargling the velocity marvelous
Get your goggles we hit it at full throttle
I'm praying for a better tomorrow
My candle is burning slow as cubanos
I'm seeing red like Ricky Ricardo
They tried to stop my product like an embargo
But see they wallow in their sorrows
So they promises is empty and hollow, mahalo
Uh, live my life in the sunshine
Bust rhymes beautiful as the sunrise
Plus side but the orchestra like I'm Sun Ra
Got with Alchemist like a wonder twin then we combine
The face of God got the finest features
And she listening if you tryna reach her
High Valyrian rap looking for my Khaleesi
The ones that Ebro call minor league is the real fire breathers
Now let me teach you how to train your dragon
First rule they can't be tamed cause they ain't gon' have it
It ain't no magic just actual facts and logic here
Hip hop will flourish with nourishment and the proper care

Writer(s): Talib Kweli, Alan Maman
Copyright(s): Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Royalty Network
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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