Razorblade cover
Razorblade cover

Razorblade Lyrics Meanings
by The Strokes

Indie Rock

Razorblade Lyrics

Razor blade, that's what I call love,
I bet you pick it up and mess around with it
If I put it down
It gets extremely complicated.
Anything to forget everything.

You got to take me out,
At least once a week
Either I'm in your arms,
Or I'm at your feet.
I know exactly what you're thinking
You won't say it now
But in your heart it's love

Oh, my feelings are more important than yours.
Oh, drop dead, I don't care, I won't worry.
Let it go.

Oh, the razor blade,
Wish it would snap this rope
The world is in your hands
Or it's at your throat
At times it's not that complicated
anything to forget everything.

He would never talk,
But he was not shy
She was a street-smart girl,
But she could not lie
They were perfect for each other
Say it now
'Cause in your heart it's loud

Oh, my feelings are more important than yours
Oh, drop dead, I don't care, I won't worry

Your feelings are more important of course
Of course
Everyone you wanted,
Everything that we would take from them
I don't wanna know, I don't wanna know
Tell me, tell me, tell me

Oh, don't, okay.

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Razorblade Meanings

I don't think this is what the song is intended to be about, but as soon as I saw the title, my brain immediately jumped to self harm. "Razor blade, that's what I call love" Kinda shows how you feel like hurting yourself is a solution, like it's better than love almost. "I bet you pick it up and mess around with it" Often how I start self harming is picking up a "harmless" object, messing around with it for a while, then next thing I know I've scratched up my whole body. Oops. "If I put it down it gets extremely complicated" It's hard to stop once you start. "Anything to forget everything" Do I even have to explain this line?

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