Bodies on Fairfax
Bodies on Fairfax

Bodies on Fairfax Lyrics Meanings
by Westside Gunn
ft. Danny Brown

Mar 11, 2016
Bodies on Fairfax Music Video

Bodies on Fairfax Lyrics

Like Adam in that garden but instead I use the apple that I found to smoke my trees
When Eve come around I ain't showin' no love I'mma tell that ho on her knees
Snakes in the grass get pissed on
While I sip on crushed grapes
Gotta keep fate at the end of the day
Freezin' off white
Miley Cyrus in the snowstorm
Can't feel my face, body numb, and my chest warm
Rolling acorns
Launch a con
Liquor got my kidney like what's going on
Smoke so much, brain cell count low
Snort so much, might sniff my whole bank account
All day long I roll that strong
Gas so loud gon' light the car alarm
Y'all bitch niggas been warned
I'm on my shit and the night still young
Dior hallmark
Pull up on ya ho like, "Bitch what we smokin' on?"
Then I roll the weed up
She suck me up, spitting seeds not from the trees, bruh

Fly shit
These niggas want that fly shit
Ayo, pistol-whip the nigga down the stairs at hall-of-fame
10-deep in front of Supreme, all for caine
Diamond supply fly, whip off the triple beam
Drive by's out of Bently trucks, you should see the wings
DA wanna give me an odd future
Shit I'm done with the hands but I'mma shoot ya
Flight Club size 9 everything
Poppa pinked off and I'm on my gangasta lean
Last king surrounded by dirty ghetto kids
I'm undefeated, leave some shells in ya wig
Stash the yay in RVCA, you wanna play
Danced on the work like Morris Day
Ayo Lord I had the vision
I got my niggas all out of prison
Take the niggas island hoppin'
Cop anything nigga I got it
Money stacked to the ceiling
The nigga moved wrong so I killed him
Fly shit
These niggas want that fly shit

Writer(s): Alvin Worthy
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Bodies on Fairfax Meanings

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