Church Road
Church Road

Wrekonize ft. Posdnuos - Church Road Lyrics

Jun 25, 2013
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Church Road Lyrics

This is the genesis, this is church road
Raising up a flag with no colors of it's own
Find yourself a place that you yourself can call home
I'll be on the first plane over in the morning

An what an evening to even be breathing reason
With demons who creep in legions
It's a nightmare but I still just call it a dream
Soggy handshakes it's all been part of the scheme
So smile child this is wild style when it was all about covering bases
My skin is covered in memories that's faded
So fuck the ones that's say it's only running skin deeper
I been digging codes up out the pose of Mona Lisa
For like fifteen seconds my record is twenty nine and
Zero times reclining I'm a vocal chauffeur riding
Where you wanna go I'm pretty sure my drive accommodates you
I'll take ya to the nature trail won't fail to aviate you
This is London in the fall can't see at all foggy
Baby with the JD say please that you got me
83 enter this a different kind of time
Let's See if we remember in this splinter state of mind

[Chorus: x2]

An what an evening to even be breathing
Reason with people who see no regions
No boundaries so we return to innocence lost
The road ain't religious don't resemble the cross
Or resemble the cost of a billion lives lost
In the name of a boss who never shows to pay us off
See some will call it faith It seems to me like slave labor
This is just a message for the ones who crave greater
And stay up till way later trying to figure it all
I do the same and travel back to pick up my calls
Your first home is precious stones stick to the wall
Get 'em up quick or they fall this brick is killing my all
But this grown folk stress new city new problems
The road is long behind ya when ya always carry solvent
I sit and dream of all my future homes
And know they all started at the top of church road

[Chorus: x2]

Yeah, you gotta fight for your right
Squabble for the rhythm that live amongst the wisdom
Yet we the descendants of Chuck D
Put the rebel aside a while back, unpause that
Wickedness spilling over the church pew
Look out for karma coming through the drama
I gave birth to
And truth be told it's just easier to lie
But the mirrors gonna point it out when you giving nods
Just like the wind force leaves that leave the branch
I'm placed out of position, no matter how firm the stance
(You used to praise him name)
Soon as the tire touch the airstrip
Now we reach to turn on the vices
That's the prices we pay for so called advancement
The call to prayer is put on hold the call wait to dance
And summon the name of they god to terrorize
'Cause unlike the revolution terrors televised

[Chorus: x2]

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