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Travail cover

Travail Lyrics Meanings
by Young Donar

Travail Lyrics

Young Donar!
(Young Donar! Young Donar! Young Donar!)
Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!
Yoh Ghost, is that you?

I ain't tryna come around with some crazy shit
I ain't finna be the one you look and say it, PISS!
I just tryna get this dough wit my fuckin click
We just tryna fly to the clouds, BITCH!

Hold tight
Never let it down
Never going weak enough to hit it on the ground
I'll be climbing em steps till i reach the top
Stayin focused like a wizzard i ain't givin up
But i'm scared
But i'm reckless
I don't care
Moving brakeless
Life's tight but i grind i'm just collecting my blessings
Grindin all the way just to get the fuckin check
Spend some money on a lether just to get my swag
Fuckin with the clique
I'm a hundred with this shit
Got so many hoes so better not quit me bitch
Travail everyday just to get the fuckin pays ah!
I bet it you hatin cause you see we on a flee now
6 A hundred bucks a rand
I get it with no offend
Ever since i started rap been dreaming for twenty bands
Still i'm gonna get it bruh
I ain't giving none no hands
Hustlin everyday yeah
Till i get the fuckin bands

Hell hell hell hell
We travail travail travail travail nigga!
Hell hell hell hell
We travail travail travail travail nigga!

This shit right i step up
This shit right i grind
This shit be like i'm so weak when i'm feeling down
But i just came for the blessings
Fuck the law i'm blazin
Marijuana keep me strong
Bitch i'm not lazy
Prayin and prayin and prayin
Feeling blessed by the gods ah
Man this shit for real
Yeah this shit is so classy huuhh!
Murder these niggas i ain't tryna show no mercy nah
And i'm fly as fuck
Feeling like i'm in the clouds shit!
Fly shit (Fly)
Travail shit (u get it)
Dat right nigga
Travail shit, you know what i mean?

She makes me feel the pain
She got my brains going insane
Say she wanna be wit me she don't wanna fuck with lames
Everytime i pull up on her she be like she moody damm
Pop drinks
Smoke sum
Take her to my crib
Subbotagging everywhere then i take it deep
She lemme do what i wanna cause she need it
She fucks me good
She wit it
I feel the real paradise
I be some satisfied
Atleast she riding on my pipe
Once again
We do it twice
For real i won't tell no lies
Trust my baby cause like she does the same likewise
Let her take anything she wanna
Cause i like i like i like
She love me so tight
Dat right
Dat right
Dat right
Dat right
Dat right nigga
Travail shit
(Travail shit)
Lets get it

Writer(s): Donald Rwebangira
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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