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Break Free cover Break Free by Ariana Grande ft. Zedd

Some lyrics make very little grammatical sense, but looking past that it's actually pretty decent lyrically. It's pretty clearly a "breakup" song of some sort, but I'm not sure it's necessarily about a partner. I think this song is about Ariana's distancing from her Nickoldeon past, and her search to find herself as a more 'mature' artist. Some have also said it's about the illuminati! I don't usually give those theories much weight but this song does have some interesting symbology.

Yellow cover Yellow by Coldplay

This is one of my call time favourites. It's truly unlike anything else, and I'd love to hear some other interpretations - I think this song is very subjective in its meanings. I find it truly hard to understand the word 'yellow' being used, but I can see the beautiful sentiment of love, of going any distance for that important person. When I listen to it, I always picture a father talking to a daughter, though I suspect it's about a couple.

We Can't Stop cover We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus

Though at first listen this seems like a very typical song about young people making bad decisions, I think it's more than that - though of course, that's a big part! This song is very electric, especially in the chorus. I think we can see a lot of MIley's mistakes and her failure at having a normal childhood on display - it's treating those behaviors as normal, basically because "she feels like it" is the only reason given.

Off to the Races cover Off to the Races by Lana Del Rey

I find this song so enchanting. I think the lyrics speak about a younger woman with an older, possibly criminal man. She seems very caught up in this sort of romanticized version of a wild, dangerous life. This man is both her temptation and her salvation - there are many references to both his sweetness as well as his destructiveness.

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