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O.D.H.G.B.F.E. cover O.D.H.G.B.F.E. by Lamb of God

this song proves my theory *see confessional BOOM YES IM SMART

Confessional cover Confessional by Lamb of God

i think this song is about a guy who met someone maybe a girl who he trusted and she libed her life in a way that she will get everyone to confess thier sins or to face thier past but not because she necesasrily wants to help them but because its just what she does and in his eyes its malicious but thats just his opinion and i think hes actually a little appreciative of the way the questions his faith and challenges his trust because she never reallly crossed a line or else he would have said she cheated or something but she didnt hes just jealous that she can cause him to face things he doesnt want to face without even trying. shes the one person in the world that he thought had purpose as he made clear in his other songs that some people are dead and have given up and others have bought into the system but shes different shes found something she loves, aka other peoples darkness and he hates her for it. why? i dont know. but deep down hes glad she is that way becuase hes better off for it. even tho hes still being hateful.

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