Gone Lyrics Meanings
by Benjamin Rees


Gone Lyrics

The oldest son of a family
Ya some people couldn't stand me
Grown up from a small town proud
With different dreams had to get out of the pound
Where you're limited and couldn't hear no sound
Little did you know that there's lot's of that around
I felt like I was drowning but now I've found
A place that allowed me to be loud
At the amount I will announce what I'm all about
Countdown till the trip on the Greyhound
Get out of the town
Text me if you need a lift
Don't gotta twist my wrist I'll get pissed if you kissed my bitch
Don't think that it's selfish if I wish
Someday's it was just her me and my stick shift
Driving off into the sunset
Maybe stop by at the place that we first met
Pop in the cassette to the aux
Cause that's all we got
Even forgot the socks at Knox mountain
Living here with Jayden and Fox while I'm counting
Money trying to make that rent
But now I'm not drowning
I'm bouncing up from where I was crouching
Browsing through my options on how my life would turn out
Trying to prove to the world that I'm not a burnout
Even if that mean's that I have to shout
To the rest of the world what I'm all about

To the trip on the greyhound
Get out of the town
Text me if you need a lift
Don't gotta twist my wrist
I'll get pissed
If you kissed my bitch
I was drowning but now I'm bouncing
Up from where I was crouching
Browsing through my options
On how my life would turn out

Am I ever gonna find myself a spot on this planet
Am I ever gonna make myself a beat that's gonna land it
Land myself a dope place for me and my lady
To be doing whatever we wanna
Might even be sharing a joint of marijuana that I rolled
Never gonna be the definition of a stoner and I'm gonna go
Fast as I can and I know
That I gotta show
Everybody in the world that I got problem's too
And I don't know how to deal with them but I got you
To show me that we all got struggles and we've gotta do
Whatever we've gotta do
To prove to everybody that we ain't weak and we gotta take turns walking in each other's shoes
Ya so you think you know me
So why don't you tell me a story
Sorry that I get so high
I don't know why
I ever get that low
Show you that I'm not a bad guy
That blow
Had all the control
Now I've had time to reload
Realize why
Lost you on the next episode
Through with a kick flip and I'll introduce
You to my institute
Where I went to and I spent to much
Burnt out could not replace my clutch
Play my anthem and start dancing
Miss Jackson
Every killa needs a theme song to be rapping to
Lifelong membership in my possession
Landed in heaven
For the Seventh time I've got a question
Can I get a second chance at life
I won't wreck it
I've learned my lesson
I'm free handing
El Capitan in
My underpants and
I don't care if you see me fall
Better than not to see me at all
I wish you would give me a call
Don't stall
Pardon what wrong
We don't have to long
We can talk all night and sing songs
Until I'm gone

Writer(s): Benjamin MacDonald
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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