Gone 4 Days cover
Gone 4 Days cover

Gone 4 Days Lyrics Meanings
by Dela Jazz2kool

Gone 4 Days Lyrics



I just be going for days


Gun to the side lil uzi Vert
Don't got a job but I got the work
I'm from the conner come see me work
Splash in that pussy then make squirt
All in her mouth when I'm about to burst
Tats on my skin didn't need a shirt
These niggas hate
I think you want the fade


Sonning these niggas like jay-z
4.44 for the OZ

Rack to my ear like I'm boosie
She just keep poppin that Coochie

Throwing it back
This a making a movie

Queen Latifah
Jada Pickett smith

She want the dick
That's a girls trip

Diamonds dancing On my damn wrist
Diamonds dancing On my damn chain
Donald Trump Check my Campaign
People hate do my damn thing
Im just focus on the bigger dreams
They just jocking all my damn slang
Big blunts smoking Marry Jane
Big drip all I know is stain
I just be gone for days
I just keep going for days
You know I'm hot like a blaze
I told her rock on my chain
I put that bitch in a cage
I left her lost and Amazed
Supplying that work this the wave
Wearing that strap to my leg
Killing these Niggas get slayed
Killing these Niggas the plague
I'm one digging the grave


Shitting on niggas maneuver
Came from the bottom
Like who up
These Niggas they fuck ups
They screwup's
These niggas fucking the stew up


She like to play with her nose
She wanna fuck with no clothes
You wanna fuck on these hoe
I rather fuck up these flows


Popping bottles of the Cliqout
Balling nigga Ocho Sinco
Fly as hell no Flamingo
Dread Head not a migio
Im just be dialing up the g code
Gang bang she Bonito
I keep that work like Carlito

Finna take it to another level
You can talk that shit but I will never settle

Had to pick and choose
That's another medal

Had to pick and choose
That's another bezel

Had to pick and choose
Who was more successful

Had to pick and choose
Should I fuck ya bitch

If you in my shoes
That's a benefit

These nigga be on that on bullshit
I do not hang with you lames boy
I don't not fuck with these fuck boys
You should just stay in your lane boy

You and I are not the same boy
Catch me pushin toys
Switchin lanes boy

Thses girls claiming they innocent
I do not think that they innocent
These people think that I'm irritant
Supplying that work it was limited
My niggas know that's I'm infinite
These niggas slacking still killing shit
Keep that four four didn't know I was militant
You jocking style didn't know that you was stealing shit

Peeling your cap back
They know that I'm ripping shit

Came from the bottom
My nigga still hood as shit

Gang bang
Boy insane
Dreads swag
Had da let it ring
Had da let it bang
Cause you in my lane
Cause you got no stain
Cause these niggas lames

Feel like the game
Nigga ain't gang
Fuck is you saying

Bitch im the man
Fuck is the plan
Do what you can

Took my music in higher Demand

Niggas is sleep
Think its a dream

Loading that strip with the beam
Rather attack on the seen
Real niggas know what I mean

I do not fuck with these nigga
Why I do not know little nigga
Keep a 44 for these nigga
Thats why its no fear for theses nigga

Theses nigga repping the gang
Really ain't doing a thing
Dropping some racks on a chain
Just to put stain on my name


Writer(s): umari faried
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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