SHOW ME RESPECT Lyrics Meanings
by Giggs


Yo yo, yeah, uh

I'm a good heart yute
I'm a good heart yute
I got good parts, and bad parts, but good arse yute (Umm)
Yeah, you got a good arm too (Yeah)
You said he's dodgy but I should ask you (Switch it)
They say man are vicious
I say man are dodgy, they move mad suspicious ('Spicious)
All the disrespects, and all the amount of disses
Pussy thinks he's nuts, well I'm about the snickers (Yeah)
All the sacrifices, the amount of wishes (Switch it)
Thick skin, I'm bringing out the thickest, uh (Thickest)
Big swinger, I ain't about the wickets, yeah
Show time, I'm selling out the tickets (Woo)
Always gassing
All these follow fashion niggas follow fashion (Clowns)
Man leave me alone, these man are all harassin'
True these man are balling and get all the cash in (Yeah)
Up in early morning, got the corner catching (Catching)
Man was on the corner, made the corner happen (Yeah)
And we ain't cut no corners, we bridge all the gap in
Someone tell these rappers we done all the mapping (Jheez)
Back to gully (Gully)
'Cause all a sudden everybody's acting funny (Funny)
And I don't wanna have to bring it back to money (Why?)
But I was in the trap when man was acting bummy
All these funny captions, man get captain cruddy (Cruddy)
Run up on your captain, nigga, straps and skully (Yeah)
You ain't get them fractions, man, it's actually funny (Yeah)
Hottest for the summer time, it's back to sunny (Back to sunny)
Burning 'em out (Yeah)
So tired, they're burning me out
Another headtop, they're confirming a scout (Yeah)
Every penny confirming the count (Count)
Luring, they try lure me out (Yeah)
That's why my crib is the furtherest out
You see Hollowman swerving around town
Then you know there's a burner about (Haha)
Show me the cheque (Cheque)
I just show man the life, used to show man the death
Mad years but there's so many left
Please guys, show me respect (Please)
Walk in da park, nigga show me the depth (Depth)
They know me, get the soldiers in check (Umm)
Showtime and I'm rolling with Mex, yeah (Mex)
Big man let me hold me arrest (Haha)
Back to bizzy (Bizzy)
All these Mickey Mouse have brought it back to Disney (Ah)
Hollow chopped it up and brought it back to Biggie (Ah)
Nigga picked it up and brought it back to give me (Back to give me)
Heavy duty (Duty)
Always moving funny, niggas hella fruity
Got that hottie with me with the heavy booty
See them niggas with me, yeah, they still on duty (Yeah)
Always talking millions, always talking guala
I'ma carrot K, but I just call them collar (Collar)
When you're in the city, don't forget to holler (Holler)
Here's your scholarship, I'm bringing out the scholar (Scholar)

Haha (Haha)
Let me do the adlibs, man, I need to do it properly
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Writer(s): Jason Neville Thompson, Phillip Pugh, Sherman W. Marshall, Todd Warsnip
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind


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