Fervour for the Maimed cover
Fervour for the Maimed cover

Fervour for the Maimed Lyrics Meanings
by Hover Even

Fervour for the Maimed Lyrics

Wish your mind was tangible
So that I could mend your broken heart
Am I still blinded by your eyes
Or is there no one here to make it worth your while?

See you winding down the wire
You're so strong oh why oh why
Do I cry when you're around
Am I afraid you'll let me down?

This raven tongue will always know
All these lies that I have told
And bring me to my knees again
But I'll be alright

Seen it all, come so far
As a dead eyed son
Of those who chose to burn it all

Breathe lay fall
Cold at heart
Set out find a war
And bring him to the start

The panic in your voice
And the sight of your face
Tells a different story than the one you told me
Before long you'll know if this is where you'll be

Pray faster, I'll talk to god on my own

Run further than yourself
You'll never know what seizes to amaze
Toss and turn the father's turn to beg
Just say the words, and I'll speak

Seen enough
Closed it up
Conscience set aside
Let sway another for the while

Further fall
Burned them all
Deadset to tear apart
Be let astray and earn my flaw

But I'll be alright, I'll be fine
If falling in love means falling apart
Ýeah I'll be alright, the well has run dry

So carve it into stone
Tie it to your mind
I promise you won't float
But I'll be by your side
Regardless of the fact
That you were left to die
By better men than me
I hope it's worth the try

Cast a shadow
Around yourself

She sung the moon to sleep
Another night of lonely eyes on me
For lack of better words I'll hold my tongue
And save it for the weak
Do not forget that we will always find
Ourselves beneath the sea

Fall asleep

We'll see you when we dream

Writer(s): Hover Even
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Fervour for the Maimed Meanings

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