Love thirst
Love thirst

Love thirst Lyrics Meanings
by Jean Grae

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Love thirst Lyrics

My caramel mohagony fairy tale
He goin' do very well, I'm fearin' for the farewell, stay awhile
We could just lay awhile, see me smile better
Lean your chest on me, make you my sweater, I want the rest of you
Pressin' me head-up, I need contact
Your windows reflectin' me back, later I ask where your memories at
Your face tellin' me that, you need a taste
Where the Hennessey's at? C'mon, blace me
Replace the glasses with the tip of my tongue
I won't front baby, lady is sprung
And though relation is young, I feel us makin' a connection beyond
So that I like a chick in a saun', no lie, won't I
Take my time, let the bass unwind
Claymation couldn't mold a better mind, you're sick (sick)
And I'll be the nurse and you be the patient
Boy, how insane could it get? You so hot, baby

High (you're makin' me so)
High (you're gettin' me so)
High (you're makin' me so)
High, baby I'm
So high off, your love

OK, turn the lights out, no, turn 'em back on
Want you to see my backbone and my black tone
Start minimal, raise it to animal, please
You're no amateur, please me I'm tangable
Knees be all tangled up, like the handles
Placed on the mantle, that romantic angles
We'll slow dance till tango and gets horizontal
I know you go longer that flow with no comma
I'm high on ya, ya like it don't cha?
Could survive, but it's bitin' on ya
Like those, high notes, nibble just a little bit
Everything I'm thinkin', you're already deliverin' it
Quiver, pleasure unheard, you ain't even done first, baby
When I done burst, crazy
I'm in love thirst, you are the quencher
Maybe we should be taping so you can remember, I'm just sayin!

You're makin' me so

Oh, erhm, Stop!
You're makin' me so, high
I'm gettin' so, high
Baby, high off

Why not?

Don't stop

It's loud, c'mon
Not there, not there

Oh, oh baby, don't do that
Don't do that

Need some tissue?

Naw, I'm good, nigga!

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Love thirst Meanings

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