Moment for Life // 13 cover
Moment for Life // 13 cover

Moment for Life // 13 Lyrics Meanings
by King of August

Moment for Life // 13 Lyrics

No I ain't never sold crack rock
But I probably sold pills to ya grandpop
Man I probably sold a quap to ya grandson
Bother sisters cousins it was all funds
My girl ask what I would do if I's trappin at 25? like
I'd set the fuck up and go get a job, like
Bitch, I ain't never been that nigga
Hell nah, I ain't never been that nigga
Roll for the dough from the moment I started
Make the trap look like a pizzeria
I'm workin the hardest, the comp retarded
Don't forget the king of when you pop at August
I could sell the agua to a mafuckin' dolphin
When the grip locked in and that air start slippin'
Feel a hater tie a brick around my ankle
We got find out who the one still swimmin'
And I ain't never gave no fuck about a bitch ass nigga
Had cut my last cause she deterred my vision
They could talk they shit I'm on another shipment
Whether work or music, trust me we distribute it
Ain't even old enough for my own rental whip
I'm still tourin' from here I can't hear that shit
Niggas competing with local niggas
Keep me off your fuckin' local lists
Blacklist the nigga exposing it
Don't confuse it for exposure jigs
They hate me for truth that's they only reason
They could hate me but they hated Jesus
I made decision they ain't agree with
But in the long haul they gon' feel it
I made decision they ain't agree with
But in the long haul they gon' feel it

Uh uh, uh uh uh, yea
Aye, aye, yea
Uh uh, uh uh uh, yea
Aye, look
See I was 13, going to grab my sisters keys
Grab my younger sibling, we was outta the doe'
I would bust a couple laps
Corner stores forth and back
I'd buy a drink and steal one
The clerk ain't even know
Priorities had come for me
Even as a younger teen
Half these niggas wanna be the man just cause
I learned that I shouldn't give a fuck
Forgiveness given never took
So make your move and if they flunk that's dub
I'm tryna take care of my family
Thats the only thing that matters to me
So you've probably gotten me fucked up
Likely testing yo luck
Fuck all that makin' assumptions
I'ma call a nigga how I see a nigga
And that's wussup, that's wussup

Writer(s): King of August
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Moment for Life // 13 Meanings

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