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Circles cover

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by Nonpoint


Circles Lyrics

Going around in circles again

Pedal to floor, back in the seat, purpose and will versus modern machine
Passing the slow, defeating the weak, all with the tar on the street,
And the weight of my feet the sweat on my face
Wanting first place for than you can understand

Going around in circles again

Photo finish race
Rear view stare chase
Satisfaction only when I finish at the end
If I follow all the rules, promise that I'll win?
Driven so confused that I'm going around in circles again

Going around in circles again

Holding on by a thread
Cut me loose so I can contend
Hoping for something more then second place, first place or more
Where will I be when I get to the end?
Doesn't matter what place I begin, three hundred sixty-one degree's and then

Going around in circles again

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You chat with people, some conversations can have a a far depth than others, you listen to people's views, you choose to follow some of their advices, you decide to put them in action, afterwards you do a calculation of the results, then it hits you: "Going around in circles again"

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