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Ruby Horse
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June 25, 2001

Song Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Ruby horse I know of course, that it's you,
Ruby horse I ran your course, and I'm blue
(Black & blue)
Verse 2
I spent Friday night with a fly-by-night,
She said, hold on tight,
She said, "Hold on tight"
I'm a son of a gun, I'm a son of a gun
It's a, bad thing I've done...
Me and my mother's only son
Verse 3
Remember us? I do,
Funny me and funny you
Oh the sun shone down like marmalade
And covered us like glue
Verse 4
Then she turned on me
With all honesty, me and Ruby read,
We never went to bed.
That's the truth of course
Me and Ruby horse, she
Left too soon...
Underneath a bright new moon.
Verse 5
Ruby horse I know of course that it's you,
Ruby horse I ran your course and I'm blue
Oh Ruby red I know you're dead and I'm through
Verse 6
Ha, ha, ha

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