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Perfect Day cover Perfect Day by Lou Reed

It's about being in the grips of heroin addiction and that from an addict's point of view, a perfect day is one where the realities of life are eradicated by the distraction of heroin.

Angel Of Harlem cover Angel Of Harlem by U2

The Angel is Billie Holiday, this song is really just a love song to Billie Holiday and the genius of her voice juxtaposed against the backdrop of Harlem. You get the sense of Holiday's voice rising above the streets angelically yet inextricably tied to the harshness of the city

November Rain cover November Rain by Guns N’ Roses

It's about experiencing unrequited love but desperately searching for a sign that it isn't so and that the love is still there.

Sign 'o' The Times cover Sign 'o' The Times by Prince

A song that packed a big punch upon its initial release, one of the first songs by a big star that talked about AIDS, which in 1987 was still hugely misunderstood. Like much of Prince's work on the Sign o' the times album, it's a reflection on the bleakness of late 1980s life in inner city America.

London Calling cover London Calling by The Clash

The perfect soundtrack to the late 70s in England. Growing unrest about high unemployment fuelled a lot of anger in the country with London being a beacon for the disillusioned. This wasn't the London of today, London was a far rawer city in the late 70s and early 80s.

Born To Die cover Born To Die by Lana Del Rey

About living life to the fullest. The religious aspect seems to be warning of not missing life by waiting for the next. Live each day fully and experience life.

Fake Plastic Trees cover Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

Trying to convince yourself that this is the right person for you - 'the one' but you know deep down that they aren't.

Wish You Were Here cover Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

This track was written about Syd Barrett - one of the original and creative forces of Pink Floyd who left the band due to his drug taking. The song is all about missed opportunities and what could of been.

Tears in Heaven cover Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

Quite possibly one of the saddest songs ever. Written to his 4 year old son who died in a tragic accident, Clapton manages to cut to the very human nature of loss in such an understated way.

Glory Days cover Glory Days by Hellnation

It's a beautiful irony that Springsteen wrote this song to express his frustrations at not being able to write a hit song, which in turn became their biggest hit to date. Dancing in the Dark's brooding lyrics and punchy beat soon became an anthem for disenfranchised 80s youth.

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