Trippin Me Out
Trippin Me Out

Trippin Me Out Lyrics Meanings
by Big Pokey, Ronnie Spencer

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Trippin Me Out Lyrics

[Big Pokey]
You're trippin' me out, sho' nuff
When you stroll up, you make niggas fold up
Hold up, I been peepin' your ways
Plus the pedal pushers and braids got my mind in a daze
You look sweeter than glaze
Make me want to misbehave
But you playin' hard to get
You gotta run a trick play
Flea flickers, steady buying shots of liquor
All dogs chase the cat, so it's a must; I sick her
Hand picker, pretty face, and toes
Check complexion and pose
See the chosen be chose
Then I turn up your nose
You been chose by a bachelor
I just had to distract you for a minute, and holler at ya
It's mandatory I snatch her
'Cause the statues'll knock at ya
Spend some time with Po-yo
'Cause I ain't hard to adapt to
If you have to, just give it some thought
See what I'm about
Ain't no fusion, no doubt
Can't lie; you're trippin' me out

Trippin' me out, trippin' me out
Oh, she's trippin' me out
Got me sayin' hold up
Trippin' me out, trippin' me out
Oh, she's trippin me out
Got me sayin' hold up

What me and you have stay strictly 'bout the cash
Not only 'bout the ass
That's how I got this S-class
I got my own cash, and I watch my own ice
Peeped the real in me, huh?
That's why you looked twice
Vision Snow in your life, holdin' you tight
Relievin' your stress as I caress you through the night
I'm the go-get-it type
To make sure we both right
No fuss, no fight, and we can blow like dynamite
With you handlin' your buisiness and me handlin' mine
With us both on the grind, we can't help but to climb
As far as time, baby, we got forever
But for right now, let's concentrate on this cheddar
And reaching higher levels, sportin' diamond bezzles
Can you imagine the shit we can have together?
Me trippin'? Never; I'm down for whatever
Snow and Po-yo - it don't get no better


[Big Pokey]
I ain't trippin'; I'm just stunned 'cause you the bomb
I could see us in a six, flippin' like a baton
You set off my alarm
When you walk you perform
Spotted you in the crowd and picked you like a pecan

Well, let's hop this don and discuss how we increase our funds
I know it drives you crazy when I talk in digits, baby
Ain't nothin' shady about this, lady
Everything is everything, and I put it down for you daily

[Big Pokey]
You got me fallin', baby
On top of that, I can hear your body callin', baby
In the Impala, so you know I'm boss ballin', baby
Steady crawlin', and the motor ain't stallin', baby
It's all gravy
On sight, you hooked me
When you spoke, you shook me
First impressions be a trip, and you immediately took me
I'm far from a rookie; star status of course
You the glass on the blaze, driving me like a torch
That's why I want you by my side, so I can flaunt you
You don't want a square
You want a thug nigga, don't you?
Let's bend us a corner
Scratch off in the night
And everything's gonna be alright
It's goin' down


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