Love My Hood
Love My Hood

Love My Hood Lyrics Meanings
by Birdman

Dec 11, 2007
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Love My Hood Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]
Bitch I love my hood nigga, back in my hood
Them houses back up bitch we up to no good
Flier than ever, do whatever
Live this life let me spend this cheddar

Blowin' on that gonja, straight out the pound
Represent mines bitch straight uptown
Flamed up nigga every time I come around
Its the Birdman nigga got the game off the ground
Role with a chopper, ride with a gun
Doin' my thing nigga, me and my son
Just like that nigga do it like that
I'm the number one stunner bitch how you love that?
Hat stay low 250 on the glow
The new Jacob watch bitch, had to have the hoe
The water came first then it fucked up the flow
Fucked yup the dope and the coke and the dro
Bounce right back nigga had to get more
You know how we do it get the cash off the flow
Every nigga in my hood took that loss
I made other niggas neighborhoods pay that cost

[Chorus: x2]

Bubbly chrissy, shes so with me
Ride so fly nigga, the hood all in me
Till I die these niggas goin' feel me
5 story condo my G's ride with me
Straight up blood thats my love
Agreed to the 17th, we came up tough
Crab in a bucket, uptown fuck it
If I pull this motherfucker I'ma pop this motherfucker
Love my hood I get down for my hood
Ride for my homies out the neck of my woods
And took your haters out for one of your tomatoes
Creep up on your bitch and I'ma work it like a label
Stuntin' on them pussies, G4 nigga
Phantom and the range rover paid out nigga,
5 star hotel mommy is a model
G'd up bitch and we be drinkin' out the bottle

[Chorus: x2]

I miss my mama, love my daddy
Rode for my other brother put that nigga in a caddy
Divorced a freak but married to the game
Doing my thing bitch gettin' this change
Uptown madness, so sadness
Spend that corner everybody had to have it
Slangin' that iron, don't mind dieing
Have your whole neighborhood out cryin'
Love your life nigga if thats your son
Fuckin' with this bitch, wont have one
Lord to my hood, never leave my hood
Blood on the concrete nigga my wood
Remind ya no lie, I tell you no lie
That nigga wouldn't have died, he still would have died
The blood in my eyes wouldn't have let it ride
I watched the whole motherfuckin' neighborhood cry

[Chorus: x2]

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