Doesn't Mean
Doesn't Mean

Doesn't Mean Lyrics Meanings
by Michael Nuguid

Doesn't Mean Lyrics

Your respect I won't beg or ask for
That's somethin' I'd rather earn
One day I'll provide for all of my family
Huh it's my turn
Gunnin' for the crown and the throne
Matter a fact Ima go and make my own
Tellin' these negatives leave me alone
You know my name that doesn't mean we bros woo

Don't look at my text if you're just gonna leave me on read
I'd rather wait on delivered than have you look at it
But not respond to a question I asked instead
You're messin' with my head I'm prolly complainin'
But this has been, on my chest
I gotta confess I aim to be the best (Facts)
It's crazy that people'll comment the nastiest things
About someone like callin' em ugly
Do y'all really hate yourselves that much
To spew it on someone else that's funny
We only percieve outside of the window
They'll try to read out novel like a kindle
But only me and you knows what happens inside of this house
They peekin' around

Why do some of us only want people for sex
Never take the time to become their friend that's the reality
I can't be havin' like 10 baby mamas that sounds
Like a job not a family
Word to Big Sean I asked my teacher if he could
Listen to my track him and a student joked
Til they listened I guess they didn't expect this huh
Some gave me a chance and I appreciate y'all for that
Let's keep it real without you all I'd never be where I am
Only way is up word to my friend
That told me that before I dropped my very first single
I'll never forget it Little moments is what Ima cherish
I like to keep it lowkey
That's why I don't post on the gram a lot but what if
I did and focused less on the music
Maybe they'd really know me I think a lot about imagery
There's a couple lines that might need dissection
Instead of leavin' everyone guessin'

I will not lie I felt, a bit under pressure
What if I took the train to metropolis like Logic did
In Under Pressure I'm under that pressure
To get this done and make it great not really from them
But from me I have to set really high standards
Takin' my time and gettin' this done is the promise I'll keep
We all got different opinions You could like
Some of my songs but I could think it's garbage
I'm just an average guy tryna live but I'm not tryna
Post on the gram actin' like I'm the hardest
I've been spillin' ink to the pad since 14 like a tat artist
Let me hit y'all with somethin' real
Sometimes admittin' that you''re wrong makes you
The strongest person in the room
To my ex you gotta find your self-love
Instead of constantly searchin' for it in other dudes
It they ain't make a way for y'all y'all gotta make a way for you
I'm forever gonna spread the truth
It's funny how the truth is often most offensive or rude
Tryin' not to hold myself back from anything but I'm
Not afraid to let loose
We can learn from the last generations mistakes or repeat
The cycle we always have a choice to choose

Writer(s): Michael Angelo Nuguid
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Doesn't Mean Meanings

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