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Reboot the Mission
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Reboot the Mission Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Where you're going has no signs
And you're not going in a straight line
You ought to have me on your mind
I dare you to think otherwise
Verse 2
One day the water, more water
You keep diving and you won't be recovered
You need a clue, I'll come in closer
I want to tell you, you've had it coming
Verse 3
Eyes on the prize, reboot the mission
I've lost the sight, but not the vision
Eyes on the prize, reboot the mission
I lost the sight, but not the vision
Verse 4
Move your body, look alive
Oh, don't you think of what's out some time
It's even better than you've implied
Dice on the table, let it ride
Verse 5
The movie's showing over the building
Midnight shifts just beginning
Oh let your hair down, I watch you singing
I've got to say, you had it coming
Verse 6
Verse 7
No matter how you use it, which way you swing
Even the longest day at some point ends
I'll throw your shoes off, hat in the ring
Show me a hookshot, the whole thing
Verse 8
Welcome Jack, the new drummer,
He jammed with the mighty Joe Strummer
I see Rami, Greg and Stewart
I've to say, Jay, we've had it coming
Verse 9

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