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Scars cover Scars by Papa Roach

As much as you want to help someone, they have to want to help themselves. He wasted his health and energy saving this chick and it got him nowhere, so he's moving on before the addiction overtakes him as well.

In Color cover In Color by Jamey Johnson

Jamey is sitting with his Grandpa looking through old pictures, and he shows him his old war pics, him and his grandma and long lost relatives. He's telling him telling the story isn't doing it justice, you have to had been there to see what it was all about.

High Cost of Living cover High Cost of Living by Jamey Johnson

When you think you hit rock bottom, remember there is always another layer underneath. He gave his life up for drugs, and now in jail for it.

Better Than I Used To Be cover Better Than I Used To Be by Tim McGraw

Song is about not judging someone on their past, he's cleaning his act up from who he used to be. Just because you used to be a person with a reputation, doesn't mean you're always going to be that person.

John Deere Green cover John Deere Green by Joe Diffie

This teenage boy climbs the water tower and spray paints his gf's name on it. Years later, they marry and no matter how many coats of paint they use, it's still showing through it. Just like their relationship!

I Fucking Hate You cover I Fucking Hate You by Godsmack

Basically, he got burned hard. He's very much hating this person now. They have ran his name into the ground, and made him livid and angry. He wishes they would die, maybe assist them in some way. Ha!

Cryin' Like a Bitch!! cover Cryin' Like a Bitch!! by Godsmack

Song is about a cocky jerk who thinks his poo don't stink. He has made many enemies and ticked a lot of people off, and now he's getting his.

Finally Friday cover Finally Friday by George Jones

It's finally friday! He is speaking how excited he is to clock out of work for the weekend, cash that check, pick his girl up and cross that county line to blow all his money!

Redneck Girl cover Redneck Girl by The Bellamy Brothers

Song is talking about how he would always love to have a redneck girl. I'm thinking there is one in mind that he is talking about.

Mean cover Mean by Taylor Swift

Song is about an ex. Of course. This guy treats her very badly, and talks down to her and makes her feel like she isn't capable of anything. This song is proving him wrong and made something of himself, and all he'll ever have is he is a jerk!

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